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The Order of Saint Lazarus is the only Catholic Order in the world which admits non-Catholic members. As an order of chivalry, the Order of Saint Lazarus has retained the virtues of nobility but today its members a drawn from across the social spectrum. As Christians they are inhabited by a ‘nobility of spirit’ which is illustrated in their conduct and self-sacrifice.

The Order has retained its traditional moral values such as the spirit of service, sacrifice and discipline that still characterizes the Knights today.

Battles are no longer with the sword; the modern battle is fought in the struggle against disease, poverty, exclusion and intolerance, by promoting and defending the faith.

All members of the Order, whether clergy or laity, are devoted to the values of Christian charity; striving for spiritual perfection by working for the good of others. As truly ecumenical order of chivalry, membership in the Order of Saint Lazarus is open, depending on sponsorship, to Christian men or women, who respects the values of Christianity, who hold an ardent desire to help others and work for Christian unity.

Thanks to its members and volunteers, the Order of Saint Lazarus engages in charity work around the world, helping thousands of sick, suffering and the needy. The Order of Saint Lazarus works daily for a better world.